2014 STEM Rankings: Top Schools in Math and Science

The CHILDREN AT RISK (C@R) STEM Rankings rank high schools based on a set of math and science specific indicators that capture both performance and engagement in these areas.  These indicators include performance on math and science state standardized exams, college entrance exams, and AP/IB exams, as well as offerings and enrollment in advanced math and science courses. Scores on each indicator are standardized, then aggregated into a composite score which is used to rank campuses.

For several years, C@R has ranked Texas high schools across math and science indicators and released the STEM Rankings list with its annual Texas Public School Rankings. With the support of Shell, this year C@R has expanded its efforts to three new states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Louisiana. C@R worked with the education agencies in each state to assess the available math and science data, and created a unique set of indicators for each state based on the Texas model.

With these STEM Rankings, C@R hopes to bring awareness to the importance of making STEM education a priority. In addition to the top STEM schools overall, C@R also highlights the top STEM schools that house a high concentration of economically disadvantaged students.



2014 Texas STEM Rankings

2014 Greater Houston STEM Rankings

2014 North Texas STEM Rankings

2014 Greater San Antonio STEM Rankings

2014 Greater Austin STEM Rankings



2014 Georgia STEM Rankings

2014 Greater Savannah STEM Rankings



2014 Louisiana STEM Rankings

2014 Greater New Orleans STEM Rankings

2014 Greater Shreveport STEM Rankings



2014 Pennsylvania STEM Rankings

2014 Northern Tier Region STEM Rankings


2014 STEM Rankings Methodology


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