About Us: 25 Years


Our Mission: CHILDREN AT RISK serves as a catalyst for change to improve the quality of life for children through strategic research, public policy analysis, education, collaboration and advocacy.

Who We Are: CHILDREN AT RISK is a nonprofit organization that drives change for children through research, education and influencing public policy.

How We Are Different: CHILDREN AT RISK is the only nonprofit organization that is focused solely on the well-being of the whole child, tracks those indicators through its publication Growing Up in Houston, and proactively drives change for children by educating legislators on the importance of improving each of the key indicators.

What We Do: Through its research and advocacy programs, CHILDREN AT RISK is a well-known leader in understanding the health, safety and economic indicators impacting children, and educating public policy makers in their importance in improving the lives of children.

Our Vision: The focus of CHILDREN AT RISK is to make children’s needs a priority and to ensure ample resources are available for children and their families to thrive.

Our Values:
1. Children First:
Our top priority is ensuring a better future for our children
2. Integrity:
We are accountable for quality and transparency
3. Collaboration:
We achieve more together than we do individually
4. Optimism:
We inspire a culture of possibility
5. Meaningful Change:
Our efforts are deliberate, measurable and focus on achieving substantial impact
6. Passion:
We are motivated by the work that we do


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