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The Journal of Family Strengths (JFS), formerly Family Preservation Journal, is an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal produced by the CHILDREN AT RISK Institute in partnership with the Center for Public Service and Family Strengths at the University of Houston-Downtown and the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library. The Journal is lead by Co-Editors-in-Chief Angelo Giardino, M.D., Ph.D., MPH, Robert Sanborn, Ed.D., William V. Flores, Ph.D., and E. Christopher Lloyd, Ph.D., LCSW as well as an Editorial Board comprised of senior-level academics with expertise in family strengthening. Journal of Family Strengths is devoted to presenting theoretical, policy, practice, and evaluation articles on the strengths perspective in family-centered practice to improve services that promote and sustain family systems.

The Journal’s goal is to facilitate family, worker, supervisor, educator and agency interchange. The overall goal is to promote research and evaluation; and disseminate information for best practices that support family centered practice. These services may include: child welfare, mental health (wraparound), substance abuse, juvenile justice, developmentally challenged, schools, health care, elders, and other social welfare services. The Journal provides a forum for practitioners, program designers, administrators, researchers and educators to present and critically review programs, policies, practice methods and research findings from a family strengths perspective. The Journal is intended to positively impact the form and type of services provided with families. Research and case studies from those receiving and delivering services is encouraged.

Coming soon: Volume 17, Issue 1: Health Disparities

Volume 16, Issue 2: Organizational Partnerships: How Collaboration Strengthens Families and Communities

The Journal of Family Strengths is proud to announce the publication of Volume 16, Issue 2: “Organizational Partnerships: How Collaboration Strengthens Families and Communities”. Partnerships are increasingly being prioritized across many professions and sectors, including between and among disciplines such as education, criminal justice, public health, and beyond. Although partnership is understood to be important, the process of reorienting organizations and systems to better cultivate and maintain collaborative relationships is a challenge. Organizational cultures, structures, and routines are slow to change, and modifying them can require major investments of time and resources. This issue of JFS explores advancing research, practice, and policy on organizational, contextual, and systemic issues related to collaboration.

ial Engagement: Voices, Experiences, Trials and Triumphs

Volume 16, Issue 1: “Latino Civic and Social Engagement: Voices, Experiences, Trials and Triumphs”. In this issue of JFS we explore the Latino experience in America. From qualitative studies to interviews, this issue addresses the values and strengths of Latino families and communities. The full journal can be read online here.

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