Emily Freeborn

Emily Freeborn

Staff Attorney


About Emily

Emily Freeborn joined CHILDREN AT RISK in October 2016 and serves as a Staff Attorney for the Center to End Trafficking and Exploitation of Children. She is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and has a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor in Spanish from The Ohio State University. She earned her Juris Doctorate in 2013 from New York Law School where she was active in the Street Law program, teaching 4th amendment rights to middle school children in the Bronx. Emily began her legal career as an Assistant Attorney General for the state of Texas working in the Child Support Division. She also served as Staff Attorney for Catholic Charities representing unaccompanied immigrant children, including victims of human trafficking. Emily enjoys discovering outdoor oases across Texas and spending quality time with her BFF, her 3 year old nephew.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a Firefighter or a Lawyer.

Which teacher had the greatest impact on you?

Mr. Joe Yoshimura aka “Yosh” who taught me American History in 8th grade and Ethnic Studies in 12th grade. Mr. Yoshimura, whose Japanese American family was forced into internment camps before he was born, taught the good bad and ugly of American history. His Ethnic Studies class, only open to seniors, examined the plight of all ethnic backgrounds in the U.S., creating unity among students and a common urge to take action to counteract the negative experiences our fellow countrymen.

What is your dream for Texas children?

To look beyond their families, social circles and local communities to first envision and then create a vibrant sustainable lifestyle for themselves and their fellow global citizens.