Join Dr. Bob and Mandi Kimball from CHILDREN AT RISK for the January 30th episode of Growing Up in America on 90.1FM KPFT in Houston! Episode includes:

  • Data Head: Emily Freeborn who will talk about the significance of the number 78996 on today’s Data Head segment.
  • Interview: Jason Sabo from Frontera Strategy giving us an update on the 85th Texas Legislative Session.
  • Interview:  Texas State Representative of District 134 in Harris County, Sarah Davis to talk about her new bill HB97 that would let teenagers make their own choice on getting the HPV vaccine.
  • Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Is it okay for parents to have a favorite child?
  • Interview: Dr. Claire Bocchini and her residents Heather Lukolyo and Jenny Miller, joining us in studio to discuss how the recent immigration ban may affect children as well as the mental health impacts from political events like the ban or the election.

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