Katie Martinez

Katie Martinez

Associate Director, Development


About Katie

Katie joined CHILDREN AT RISK as the Assistant Director of Development in September 2016. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Work at the University of Houston. As part of the program, she interned at The Greater Heights Chamber of Commerce, focusing on education and community outreach. Prior to joining CHILDREN AT RISK, she worked with the community’s non-profit Blood Center for 4 years, securing donations to ensure a sufficient blood supply for our region. While pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Texas Tech University, Katie also volunteered with at-risk youth. Katie is excited to continue expanding her experience with community development and advocacy to improve the lives of children throughout Texas.

Which teacher had the greatest impact on you?

My senior English teacher, Mrs. Lawrence. She was very real with her students and treated us like adults. She would also pay close attention to our personal interests and let us choose the style of literature that we enjoyed the most for major projects.

If there were a movie of your life who would play you?

Denzel Washington or Aubrey Plaza

What is your dream for Texas children?

I hope that one day all children will become the primary focus of our government’s agenda, and that Texas leads the nation in education.