Mehdi Vasigh

Program and Website Coordinator, Doctors for Change

About Mehdi

Mehdi joined Doctors for Change in 2017 as the Program and Website Coordinator for the organization. He studied economics and cell biology at Tulane University and the University of Houston-Downtown. Alongside his academic career, Mehdi has also worked as a multimedia specialist, graphic designer and web developer, and hopes to combine his passion for technology with his desire for helping others by building web-based projects that improve access to care for Houstonians. 

Which teacher had the greatest impact on you? Why? 

My high school chemistry teacher, Ms. Carswell, is the first name that comes to mind. Not only was she able to make chemistry fun (which isn’t easy), but she opened my eyes to the world around me. She blurred the line between chemistry as a school subject and chemistry as a fundamental part of reality, which I think should be the goal of every teacher and his or her subject. 

What was your favorite book as a child? 

I was obsessed with mystery stories and probably read 4 or 5 Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books every week. 

What is your dream for Texas Children? 

My dream for Texas children and children all around the world is to have a real, fair and just opportunity to live a healthy life reach their goals and dreams.