Legislative Priorities

83rd Legislative Session: Make Texas’ Children a Priority


  • -Recognize children who have been prostituted as victims, not criminals, and vacate convictions and increase privacy for victims (Learn more)
  • -Pilot judicial diversion programs in urban areas for minors arrested for prostitution
  • -Establish minimum licensing requirements to operate safe houses serving minor victims
  • -Require human trafficking training for Child Protective Services employees
  • -Streamline protective orders for victims and clarify consequences for violators
  • -Extend the Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Prevention Taskforce for another 2 years


  • -Implement a Universal School Breakfast Program for schools that have 80% or more of the student population living at or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Line (Learn more)
  • -Propose that the Texas Legislature establish a community development grocery store revolving loan fund that would award money to community development financial institutions to provide these funds to entities proposing to operate grocery stores and healthy corner stores in food deserts (Learn more)


  • -Include individuals focused on physical education in school health advisory councils (SHAC)
  • -Increase preventive care and reduce emergency room visits through utilization of community health care workers


  • -Implement alternatives to Class C ticketing as a method of school discipline
  • -Encourage development of specialty court dockets to divert youth away from juvenile detention by addressing the underlying causes of delinquent behavior (Learn more)
  • -Protect and appropriately fund community-based mental health services (Learn more)


  • -Hold all Texas charter schools to high accountability standards that are equal to those placed upon traditional public schools, and close charter schools that are unable to maintain these standards (Learn more)
  • -Establish a blue ribbon commission or taskforce to study the impact of expanded learning opportunities on school success, and evaluate best practices, school models, and incentives for building community partnerships
  • -Establish a pilot grant program that provides competitive grants for schools dedicated to implementing an extended learning time model (Learn more)
  • -Establish a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) blue ribbon commission or taskforce to study the Texas Education Agency’s T-STEM Initiative as well as other cost-effective and best practices opportunities to increase STEM achievement (Learn more)
  • -Access the impact of education budget cuts (Learn more)

For Questions or comments, please contact:
Mandi Kimball
Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs
mkimball@childrenatrisk.org or 713.869.7740

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