Children’s Trust Fund

Investing In Our Future

What is the Houston Children’s Trust Fund?

A Children’s Trust is a powerful solution to securing the future of Houston’s children.  The Children’s Trust is a dedicated fund of recurring dollars that strengthens programs for children that provide support when they are not in school – programs that may not otherwise be available due to budget cuts and program elimination.

Why is there a need for a Children’s Trust?

Children account for nearly 25% of Houston’s population but they are 100% of Houston’s future.  Most public dollars that are spent on children are directed to public education but schooling is only one of the necessary pieces that provides support for successful growth and development.  Children need access to health care and healthy life styles, safe child care and services that prevent abuse and neglect, and programs that promote safe and secure neighborhoods.

Simply stated, everything we do for children today helps prepare them for successful adults lives.

But aren’t there enough children’s programs in Houston?

Children’s programs, both public and private, have been significantly impacted by the ongoing, persistent challenges in our economy.  We’ve seen dramatic cuts by the Texas State Legislature and reduced funding has forced the non-profit social service community to shrink and eliminate many of its youth programs.

Texas once again ranks in the bottom third of states in a state-by-state study of our children’s well-being, according to the Annie E. Casey 2011 National Kids Count Data Book.  We cannot afford to lose our children’s future.

Does a Children’s Trust replace existing funding?

Absolutely not!  The Trust supplements and augments current funding opportunities.

What are the long term benefits from a Children’s Trust?

First, national research tells us that a dollar invested in quality basics in the early childhood years will save at least $7 in later costs for police, prosecution, prison and remedial education.

Second, children who grow up to be successful, contributing members of society who pay their fair share of taxes and take part in civic life provide benefits to all of us.  Investments in programs that prevent school failure, hospitalization, foster care, and juvenile crime save tax dollars in the long run.

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