Shannon McKirchy

Creative Producer 

About Shannon 

Shannon McKirchy is the Creative Producer for CHILDREN AT RISK’s weekly radio program Growing Up In America. She holds a dual B.A. in English and Communication from the University of St. Thomas. Following an internship in the Newsroom at  KTRK-TV ABC13, Shannon served as Afternoon Operations Coordinator at KPFT Houston 90.1 FM Pacifica Radio for two and a half years where her voice became a fixture on many radio programs. Currently, she is a producer at iHeartMedia. Her passion for making information accessible to foster understanding and improve the lives of children inspired her to work with CHILDREN AT RISK.

Which teacher had the greatest impact on you?

Two teachers significantly impacted my life. 

My fifth grade drama teacher, Mr. Tom Seabolt, encouraged me to master challenges such as my speech impediment, get over being shy (yes I was once shy), and inspired me to give each task my all. By the end of the school year, the speech impediment which had been a barrier between myself and the world was gone before I knew it. The ability to express myself on stage without fear changed my life. 

Mrs. Wanda Herfarth, my high school clinical rotation teacher, taught me to be a leader and helped me believe in myself and the power of steadfast determination. Because of her I had the opportunity to shadow orthopedic surgeons in the office and operating room, opening doors I could only dream of. 

If there were a movie of your life who would play you? 

Emmy Rossum 

What is your dream for Texas children?

My dream is that every child have the tools to reach there full potential including: a quality education, nutrition, a safe supportive environment, and an equal opportunity to follow their dreams.