Growing Up


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Access to Latest C@R Research and Data

We know many community organizations are working hard to improve the quality of life for children in Texas and that now, more than ever, data is important to their efforts. To increase access to our research, the Center for Social Measurement and Evaluation (CSME) at...

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Academic performance across Texas school districts

By David McClendon, Center for Social Measurement & Evaluation The Texas Education Agency recently revised their labels for student performance on the STAAR state exams. There are now four categories. Here is what these categories would mean for a 3rd grade...

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CHILDREN AT RISK at the Capitol

February 1, 2017   Early Education Legislative Briefing        The CHILDREN AT RISK early education team hosted a briefing for legislative staff on January 20th at the Capitol. The event focused on three recently-released Texas reports and highlighted policy...

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Fighting Food Insecurity in North Texas

*Originally posted on 9/19/2016 *Feeding America (2013). Map the Meal Gap 2015: Child Food Insecurity in Texas by County in 2013. Retrieved from Food insecurity...

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Improving Education in North Texas

* Originally posted on 8/29/2016 *Texas Education Agency. (2015). Texas academic performance report 2014-15 district profiles.   CHILDREN AT RISK understands the barriers facing Texas children in terms of education and aims to break down these barriers:   1....

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Photography For The Kids

David Stiff Photography in North Texas and Mindy Harmon Photography in the Houston Area are proud to support CHILDREN AT RISK. When you donate $99 or more to CHILDREN AT RISK, you will receive a $500 gift certificate to your choice of either outstanding photography...

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Texas Campaign for Children

*Originally posted 4/29/2016 Thanks to our supporters, the last few years have brought some significant victories for children. For example, Senate Bill 376 was successfully passed after two years of research and advocacy by CHILDREN AT RISK. This bill provided School...

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Growing Up in North Texas

*Originally Posted 3/31/2016 To access a copy of the Growing Up in North Texas 2016: A Community Assessment of Tarrant County book please click here. Growing Up in North Texas 2016: A Community Assessment for Tarrant County surfaces the top issues facing local youth...

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Advocacy In The Interim

*Originally Posted 03/28/2016 CHILDREN AT RISK is known for its advocacy work, especially during the Legislative Session when staff spends a solid 5 months traveling back and forth to Austin to talk to legislators, testify at hearings, and build consensus around...

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Texas Tour Outreach around Early Education

*Originally Posted 03/02/2016 From February 16-24, CHILDREN AT RISK visited seven cities to engage local officials and organizations; met with parents to discuss perception of quality child care; and urged local school districts to apply for Pre-k quality funds. We...

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