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An estimated 17 million New American Children live in the United States, including US citizen children with documented immigrant parents, US citizen children with undocumented immigrant parents, Dreamers, and undocumented minors. These children will transform Texas’ education and employment sectors and beyond.

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Center for New American Children & Education

Through research and policy advocacy efforts, CHILDREN AT RISK’s Center for New American Children & Education works to ensure children from immigrant communities have the support they need to access a high-quality education.

New American Children in Texas need support

Growing up, New American Children face a plethora of unique challenges including anxiety & stress surrounding their immigration status or that of their family.  New American Children are also more likely to experience culture shock or lack access to quality public education. Teachers have reported feeling helpless as they watch their students struggle with the anxiety and fear from increased immigration enforcement and feeling unable to provide the emotional support and guidance their students need. Many of these problems follow children to school and impact their ability to participate and learn in the classroom.

The goal of CHILDREN AT RISK’s research on New American Children is to analyze the impact of recent immigration enforcement policies on Texas schools in order to design and implement support for teachers, students, and their families. Based on this analysis, CHILDREN AT RISK provides recommendations for schools and policymakers, and advocates for necessary policy changes.


Fears caused by recent state and federal policies may have negative effects on educational progress


Reports show behavioral and emotional problems in schools and a decrease in parent participation


Educators feel helpless with their students; report their job feels “more important and more pointless than ever before”

*UCLA’s Civil Rights Project


Enormous burden on the educators to not only teach but to also support their students emotionally


Children are having to leave school or cut back on studying to find work to help support the family

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Yael Ross

Yael Ross

Director, Center for New American Children

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Yael joined CHILDREN AT RISK in January 2018 to lead its efforts around immigration and education. Yael holds a B.S. Educational Psychology from the Universidad Iberoamericana of Mexico City and a Master’s in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she was awarded the ”Intellectual Contribution / Faculty Tribute Award,” an award given by the nomination of the faculty and peers. Before joining CHILDREN AT RISK, Yael served as the Executive Director of SER, a network of KIPP inspired schools in Mexico that served more than 2,000 Mexican children and families of underprivileged communities.  Previously, Yael was a teacher in Mexico and a research assistant for Howard Gardner in Harvard University’s Project Zero.

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