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Holiday Art Auction & Celebration

December 11, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Celebrate 30 Years of Speaking Out + Driving Change for Children!

Join us for a blow out celebration! Our annual party will be a bit different this year and a lot bigger! We’ll be honoring the 30 most influential leaders in our history and hosting an art auction to raise funds to kick-start our next 30 years!

December 11, 2019 | 6:30 – 9:30 pm
MATCH Gallery | 3400 Main St. Houston, TX 77002

CHILDREN AT RISK Hall of Famers:

Jim Mickelson: The founder and first CEO of CHILDREN AT RISK. Worked for over a decade to put CHILDREN AT RISK on the map with significant victories in head start and the creation of the City County Commission on Children.

Dr. Maconda Brown O’Connor: A social worker, philanthropist and champion for children in poverty. As one of the founders of CHILDREN AT RISK her ongoing gifts of talents and treasure have sustained us through the years.

Dr. Jeff Starke: As one of the early leaders and boars members of the organization, Dr. Stare had a significant impact on the growth of CHILDREN AT RISK into the statewide leader it is today.

Representative Senfronia Thompson: The longest serving woman in the State Legislature, and as a committee chair has achieved significant child friendly legislation in partnership with CHILDREN AT RISK.

Dr. Angelo Giardino: A longtime board member of CHILDREN AT RISK and senior leader at Texas Children’s Hospital. Dr. Giardino helped inaugurate the Journal for Applied Research on Children and the Journal for Family Strengths.

Dr. Chris Greeley: A longtime board member, Dr. Greeley is currently the executive editor for the Journal of Applied Research for Children. He is also one of the founders for our Center for Parenting and Family Wellbeing.

Dr. Carolyn Farb: The first lady of philanthropy in Houston. Dr. Farb chaired three Stand up for Chlidren events, bringing Craig Furgeson, Jay Leno and Randy Travis to major fundraising events. She brought fundraising to an exciting new level and raised significant awareness for our cause.

Philamena Baird: The original Mrs. Baird, Philamena joined our board 15 years ago and brought our Golf Tournament to new levels of success. She added her touch of sophistication to the organization.

Melissa Wilson: A 20 year supporter who has served faithfully on our Golf Committee. It’s not unusual to see Dr. Bob on the air with Melissa on the Fox Morning News.

Bob Zinke: A former president of Kroger and chair of the board of directors at CHILDREN AT RISK. Bob was instrumental in the growth of board members; during his tenure the organization experienced major growth with our reach throughout the state.

Matthew Winter and Jane Lehman: Matt and Jane have been longtime friends of the organization. Jane served for many years on our board during the time that Matt was the CEO of AIG Houston. They have been significant supporters of all our work and most recently joined Dr. Bob on our Stopping Traffic Around the World Tour.

Mandi Kimball: Mandi is defined by Dr. Bob as the secret to our success. She is Texas’ most powerful voice for children at the state legislative level. Dr. Bob and Mandi have worked together at CHILDREN AT RISK for the past 15 years.

Mike Maher: Mike served as chair of the board of directors many times, including in periods of our most rapid growth. He is a board member emeritus and continues today to be a huge supporter of the CHILDREN AT RISK Golf Tournament.

Bob & Heather Westendarp: Heather served on the board that hired Dr. Bob. Mr. Westendarp later joined the board and served as chair. They have been longtime supporter of CHILDREN AT RISK, and bring financial acumen and creativity to the board.

Ted Poe: Congreessman and Judge Ted Poe helped CHILDREN AT RISK at the federal level for many years during his time as congressman, especially in the fight against human trafficking. It is because of Judge Poe that we maintain visibility at our nations capital.

Buddy Steves: A longtime board member, Buddy currently serves as chair of the development committee. In 2018 he was awarded board member of the year. Buddy is faithful in his generosity to CHILDREN AT RISK throughout the years.

Houston Chronicle: As a major partner with CHILDREN AT RISK, the Houston Chronicle picked up our School Rankings in their second year and helped us grow our influence in public education in huge ways. We would not have successful School Rankings  without this historic partnership.

Carole Driscoll: Carole was one of the founders of CHILDREN AT RISK. She continued to help us through the years by bringing social work interns to the agency. Her efforts have made CHILDREN AT RISK a true teaching and learning organization – we have hosted 650 interns in the past 15 years.

Larry Payne: Larry epitomizes the idea of serving those most in need. He has served on the CHILREN AT RISK board of directors over the years,, and is a well known activist in the community.

Grace Olivares & Univision: Grace Olivares & Univison have been a significant partners in our outreach to Latinos in Texas. A decade ago in partnership with Univision we created the Latino Health Fair – Mi Familia Latino Health Fair held at GRB for many years.

Cecilia and Garrett Boone: Cecilia served on the first North Texas board and hosted the grand opening of our North Texas office in Dallas. The Boones are ardent supporters of CHILDREN AT RISK and children’s issues. Garret and Cecilia Boone have made our home in Dallas a viable part of our statewide efforts.

Kyle Jennings & AIG: AIG has been the most supportive corporate partner through our history – providing significant board members like Kyle Jennings and sustaining us with their generous support.

David and Deborah Roylance: David was a former board member and is still a faithful supporter. During his tenure as Board Chair he was instrumental in opening the North Texas office. Most recently Deborah and David served as the chairs of the 2019 Accolades luncheon. David is one of the most creative and successful forces in the history of CHILDREN AT RISK.

Dr. Frazier Wilson & Shell:  A former member of our board of directors and executive at Shell. Dr. Wilson in responsible for the support of major corporate donors. Shell continues to support our efforts to be a leader in education as the main sponsor of the CHILDREN AT RISK Education Summit.

Pam Humphrey: Pam is one of the longest serving members of the board of directors of CHILDREN AT RISK. She has provided ties to long serving African American organizations, and as a powerhouse in the insurance world, brought significant new corporate contacts to CHILDREN AT RISK.

Mark Lee: As a longtime supporter and CHILDREN AT RISK board member he is responsible for receiving substantial support and visability for the organization through the Houston Astros Saves for Our Children program. Mark was also a powerful leader for the CHILDREN AT RISK Golf Tournament.

The Embrey Family Foundation: It is because of the Embrey Family Foundation along with Boone and Meadows Foundations that CHILDREN AT RISK has a presence in North Texas. The Embrey Foundation provided free rent in our first home is Dallas, and is a major supporter in our fight against human trafficking.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation: The Kellogg Foundation has provided transformational gifts to support our early childhood initiatives. The reason CHILDREN AT RISK is the leader in early childhood education in Texas is because of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Wafa Abdin: As an immigration activist in Houston, Wafa was the first person to alert CHILDREN AT RISK to the scourge of human trafficking in our state. Because of Wafa’s efforts CHILDREN AT RISK is now a leader in the legislative fight against human trafficking.

David Cordua: David is a longtime board member and friend to CHILDREN AT RISK. He has been a chef chair for our Spring Party Big Brunch fundraiser and has been instrumental in our CHILDREN AT RISK Happy Hours.

Over our 30 year history, CHILDREN AT RISK has made great strides to improve the lives of our children throughout Texas and these individuals have been such an important part of our work. We have fought for an agenda to improve educational outcomes for all children, increase quality health and well-being, create specific strategies to stop human trafficking, and many other initiatives to ensure that all children have the system in place to help them reach their full potential.

We are so grateful for their service and dedication to children and to our history!


December 11, 2019
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston (MATCH)
3400 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002 United States
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