New American Children

For All Children

An estimated 17 million New American Children live in the United States,
including US citizen children with documented immigrant parents, US citizen children
with undocumented immigrant parents, Dreamers, and undocumented minors.

Children live in Texas

Are New American Children

are undocumented

the Center for New American Children

Growing up, New American Children face a plethora of unique challenges including anxiety & stress surrounding their immigration status or that of their family. New American Children are also more likely to experience culture shock or lack access to high-quality public education.

Teachers have reported feeling helpless as they watch their students struggle with the anxiety and fear from increased immigration enforcement and feeling unable to provide the emotional support and guidance their students need. CHILDREN AT RISK launched the Center for New American Children in January 2018 to help Texas schools respond to these challenges.

The Center for New American Children...

Researches best practices in how to support children from immigrant communities and investigates how to reduce barriers to the services and public benefits all children living in the US are entitled to.

Supports educators and other service providers that regularly interact with New American Children so all children can learn and thrive regardless of their or their family’s immigration status.

Works to depoliticize our current immigration climate and help child well-being stay front and center in efforts towards immigration reform.

Our Latest Immigration Research & Resources

Rational Middle Media is an award-winning collaborative that takes on important and controversial topics to drive throughful conversations. Their objective is to bring facts to the public through mediums of documentary film, the written word, podcasts, and social media. 

Check out more resources from one of our partners, The Rational Middle. These episodes below provide an in-depth look at a avariety of issues impacting immigrant children and families. 


Episode 11: Children of Immigrants – The American Promise “Children are the future of any society. One in every four children in America are immigrants themselves or children of immigrants. In order to build a more robust economy and society, a more inclusive future, we must address the impacts of immigration policy on them and their families.”

Episode 13: Educating Immigrants – Building the Future Workforce “It is the law that every child has a right to a K-12 education in America. However, having a right to an education and having a quality education free of the stresses of discrimination, fear, and with future opportunity are very different things.”

Growing Up In Houston: Assessing the Quality of Life of Our Children

Data must be the catalyst for any conversation regarding the well-being of our children. However, data alone is not sufficient. We must also overlay context to better understand the complexities of the many issues facing our children. Growing Up in Houston aims to do just that.

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