Gretchen Himsl

Gretchen Himsl

Policy Analyst, Center for Parenting and Family Well-Being

About Gretchen

Gretchen earned her undergraduate degree from Beloit College, with a double major in Government and Economics  and her Masters of Public Affairs from the University of Texas, Lyndon B. Johnson School.  While living in Austin, Gretchen worked three sessions on staff of the Appropriations Committee at the Texas House of Representatives.  She has spent 10 years volunteering in Houston public schools with a particular emphasis on helping struggling readers in second grade.  She joined CHILDREN AT RISK in the spring of 2017 after interning during the 85th Legislative Session.  Gretchen is part of the Parenting and Family Well-Being team.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Anything that brought me to the big city!  I grew up in a small town in a rural area and I wanted to live anywhere with stores, sidewalks and movie theaters.

Which teacher had the greatest impact on you?

My 7th grade math teacher was incredibly strict and had very high standards.  Not being a math genius I was miserable that year.  But those high expectations have stuck with me through all these years and I can do long division like a boss.

What is your dream for Texas Children?

For all children to have a safe and secure environment so they can flourish.