Hurricane Harvey Research and Advocacy

Still At Risk: Children One Year After Hurricane Harvey

The Still at Risk: Children One Year After Hurricane Harvey report highlights the challenges of many factors following Hurricane Harvey and provides specific recommendations to better help children and families in recovery as well as to protect children in the lead up to and during the next disaster to hit America. To read this report written by both CHILDREN AT RISK and Save The Children, please click the button below.


The Hurricane Harvey team vision is to gather impactful research and data that will help create policy recommendations which will make the disaster recovery process equitable and prioritizes children.

The Hurricane Harvey team attends meetings and presentations concerning Hurricane Harvey recovery to provide updates to members of the Children’s Resiliency Collaborative (CRC) and other organizations that focus on equitable disaster recovery.


    1. Conduct research on Texas children who were impacted by hurricane Harvey.
    2. Gathers information from meetings, events, and conference calls on the resources available for disaster recovery and disseminate the information.
    3. Create and disseminate a Hurricane Harvey Report that highlights important findings more than one year after the storm, shares children’s stories through our S.A.Y app, and recommends future disaster plans that prioritize children.
    4. Plan and execute a summit that focuses on disaster recovery and policy recommendations to prioritize children’s needs and include their voices in the process.



Check out these videos on the SAY Houston app. The app was created and coded by three high school students to give children the chance to share their experience with Hurricane Harvey. These videos include the creators of SAY Houston as well as a Demo video to see how the app works.



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