Hurricane Harvey Research and Advocacy


The Hurricane Harvey team vision is to gather impactful research and data that will help create policy recommendations which will make the disaster recovery process equitable and prioritizes children.

The Hurricane Harvey team attends meetings and presentations concerning Hurricane Harvey recovery to provide updates to members of the Children’s Resiliency Collaborative (CRC) and other organizations that focus on equitable disaster recovery.


    1. Conduct research on Texas children who were impacted by hurricane Harvey.
    2. Gathers information from meetings, events, and conference calls on the resources available for disaster recovery and disseminate the information.
    3. Create and disseminate a Hurricane Harvey Report that highlights important findings more than one year after the storm, shares children’s stories through our S.A.Y app, and recommends future disaster plans that prioritize children.
    4. Plan and execute a summit that focuses on disaster recovery and policy recommendations to prioritize children’s needs and include their voices in the process.


We are currently conducting 3 research projects assessing the impacts of Hurricane Harvey and other storms on different communities. If you are interested in one of the opportunities, please contact us!

Research Participants Needed

Have you been impacted by two or more of the following storms: Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, and/or Tropical Storm Allison? If so, we would be very interested in talking with you about these experiences. Please contact Chanel Brown if you are interested in participating.


Phone: (713) 869-7740

SAY Houston App

Are you a student that was impacted by Hurricane Harvey? Please download our SAY Houston app available in the IOS or Google Play stores to share your story and take the survey. CHILDREN AT RISK is using the survey to track data trends in how Hurricane Harvey impacted children directly during Harvey. For more information, please contact Rebecca Harms.


Phone: (713) 869-7740

Impact on Nonprofit Organizations

We are currently conducting interviews with nonprofit organizations to learn how nonprofits were impacted by Harvey. Data collected will be used to determine what went well in Harvey recovery and what can be improved for the next storm. For more information, please contact Rebecca Harms. 


Phone: (713) 869-7740


History & Context 

Shortly after Hurricane Harvey impacted the Greater Houston area, Children at Risk, the Houston Food Bank, Mental Health America of Greater Houston, Collaborative for Children, Texas Children’s Hospital and a few other nonprofits began meeting to ensure that children were prioritized throughout the recovery process. Throughout the year, we held press conferences to spotlight the continued needs of children; hosted a legislative event in Austin; and in partnership with Save the Children, released a report: “Still At Risk: Children One Year After Hurricane Harvey”Although a focus on children and their recovery is still needed, the group decided to focus on all the needs of children, including those related to Harvey recovery. Click Here for the Executive Summary of the “Still At Risk: Children One Year After Hurricane Harvey”.


The Children’s Resiliency Collaborative connects diverse interdisciplinary perspectives that break down silos to assist children and their families with access to resources critical to strengthening resilient, safe and aspirational environments.


The Children’s Resiliency Collaborative is an alliance of diverse organizations that ensure Houstonian children grow up resilient and their holistic needs are met by building partnerships, utilizing research to impact policy and address systemic barriers.

If you would like to donate and support our continuous efforts in advocating for the Hurricane Harvey recovery process to be as equitable as possible, please click here and specify that your gift if for Hurricane Harvey Relief. Thank you!




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