Child Care Deserts Across Texas

With support from the Kellogg Foundation, CHILDREN AT RISK presents the Texas Child Care Desert Map — an interactive tool to explore the local availability of child care across the state of Texas.

Does the supply of child care in your area meet the demand for services among children of working parents? View the map to find out whether your zip code is a child care desert.

The map shows four different types of child care deserts:

  • Child care deserts
  • Subsidized child care deserts
  • Texas Rising Star (TRS) deserts
  • TRS Level 4 deserts

After exploring the data, read an in-depth analysis here of child care deserts across the state, with breakdowns by county.

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Finally, you can read more details about the methodology behind our estimates of child care deserts here.

Updated: September 2018 (with data from April 2018-August 2018)