Research & Data

Promoting Data-driven public policies

Center for Social Measurement and Evaluation

The Center for Social Measurement and Evaluation (CSME) supports the research and evaluation efforts across all of CHILDREN AT RISK’s primary issue areas, centers, and policy initiatives. Below is a short list of the data tools CSME produces to empower individuals with the information they need to drive and inform policy change.

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Data-Driven Community Advocacy Tools

CSME designs and disseminates data-based research tools including:

  • Annual School Rankings
  • School data for parents through
  • Early education data and interactive maps

Research & Evaluation

CSME assesses the impact of policies and programs, resulting in evaluations including:

  • Nonprofit program evaluation
  • Corporate social investment reports
  • Community health needs assessments
  • Fiscal evaluations


CSME produces research-oriented publications including:

  • Improving the Quality of Child Care Through Economies of Scale: A Look at Shared Services Approaches for Texas
  • The Early Investment Project: Subsidized Child Care in Texas
  • Pre-K in Texas: A Critical Component for Academic Success
  • Growing Up in Houston
  • Growing Up in North Texas
  • The Journal of Applied Research on Children and the Journal of Family Strengths



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