Parenting & Family Well-Being

Parents are a child’s first & best teacher

CHILDREN AT RISK works to ensure all Texas children grow up in safe, stable, nurturing and aspirational homes.


Parents serve as a child’s first teacher, providing guidance and reassurance, and serving as the first role model in a child’s life. The vision of the Center for Parenting and Family Well-Being (CPFWB) is to equip community organizations and parents with the information, tools and resources to ensure all children in our state grow up in an aspirational, stable, nurturing and safe home.


We partner with organizations across Texas to

1) prevent childhood adversities,

2) promote positive and healthy parent-child relationships,

3) increase the availability of evidence-based parent support programs,

4) maximize a child’s potential.


In partnership with the Rainwater Foundation and the Walton Foundation, the Center for Parenting and Family Well-Being is proud to produce the Texas School Guide: Parent Action Guide publication (accessible below) for parents in the Dallas ISD, Fort Worth ISD and Houston ISD areas. This publication provides parents with information about their school options, how to get involve in their child’s school, and how to support their children during their early education and after high school.


The CPFWB also produces a similar online resource for all parents,, to provide parents throughout Texas with campus level data for all schools across the state.


CHILDREN AT RISK hosts parent and community workshops on how to use the resource, which are held throughout the year.  If you would like to request a workshop in your community, please email


Parent education programs work to equip you with knowledge, tools, and tips on what you can do every day to improve the well-being of your child. These programs are for moms, dads, step-parents, grandparents or anyone who would like to feel more equipped and confident about raising the children in their life. provides a full list of evidence-based parent education programs in the Houston area.

Visit to locate an evidence-based parent education class in Harris County or browse additional parenting resources.


Parent Education Curriculum Trainings

CPFWB coordinates training opportunities for family-serving organizations to have staff trained to deliver evidence-based parent education curriculum, such as Triple P. The Triple P trainings are offered at various levels depending upon the needs practices and needs of the organization and the community they serve. Learn more about Triple P here.

If your organization is interested in receiving training in an evidence-based parent education program please contact .

Texas School Guide Training

CHILDREN AT RISK developed the Texas School Guide as a resource for organizations and parents to understand school quality, school choice options, and how to get involved in the education of their students. You can learn more about the Texas School Guide here.

If your organization is interested in receiving training on the Texas School Guide or in hosting a parent workshop please contact .  


Family engagement is a partnership between an institution and the families they serve working to empower parents to play an active role in the lives of their children. CPFWB conducts research to understand current implementation of and best practices for engaging families. We work with organizations and school districts to develop effective family engagement strategies. 

Establish a task force to examine and increase access to evidence-based parent education and quality parent engagement programs in Texas, as well as improve inter-agency coordination between the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, the Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Education Agency, and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

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