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Building Gold Ribbon Schools

To understand school quality, each year CHILDREN AT RISK (C@R) ranks and grades schools across Texas. C@R celebrates schools that rise beyond expectations and excel academically. Gold Ribbon Schools are an example of these campuses that outperform their peers. More...

Investing in Teachers who are Charged with Child Development & School Readiness

by Patrick Gill, CHILDREN AT RISK In the recently released report, Building Brains & Economies: Quality Child Care as an Engine for Economic Development in a 21st Century Texas, CHILDREN AT RISK examines how quality child care can be leveraged to drive Texas’s...

The Moment of Truth: Do We Care if Poor Kids Have Medical Coverage?

By Jenny Eyer & Dan Micciche Health coverage for children means a lot more than a yearly doctor’s visit. Children with health coverage have better school attendance, higher educational attainment, and improved economic opportunities than those without coverage. If...


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