Our Causes

Examining Systemic Issues & Supporting the Whole Child

Early Childhood Education

The brain’s architecture is built during a child’s first 1000 days. Early Childhood Education lays the foundation for a child’s future. 

K-12 Education

One in ten children in the U.S. is born in Texas. Providing Texas children with a quality education is critically important to the future of our local, state, and national economies.

Health & Nutrition

Health impacts all aspects of a child’s life. Healthy kids are better learners and have better outcomes later in life. 

Human Trafficking

The Center to End the Trafficking and Exploitation of Children, the only center of its kind in Texas, was established to combat domestic minor sex trafficking.

Parenting & Family Well-Being

Parents serve as a child’s first teacher, providing guidance and reassurance, and serving as the first role model in a child’s life. 

Immigration & Education

An estimated 17 million New American Children live in the United States. These children will transform Texas’ education and employment sectors and beyond.

Hurricane Recovery

Hurricane Harvey is on record as the second-costliest tropical cyclone, behind Hurricane Katrina, to ever impact the United States, with an estimated $125 billion in damage.