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Research & data without action are not enough. CHILDREN AT RISK leverages its expertise to educate policymakers and advocate for policies that improve the lives of children.

Public Policy and Law Center (PPLC)

The Public Policy and Law Center (PPLC) was established in 2006 as an outgrowth of CHILDREN AT RISK’s longtime research and advocacy work and in response to the American Bar Association’s appeal to the private bar, “[to] get involved and use its legal expertise on behalf of Houston’s children (American Bar Association Children’s Rights Litigation Committee, 2004).”

PPLC is led by a Law Advisory Board of over 35 attorneys from the legal and business communities and staffed with a dedicated and creative group of attorneys and public policy analysts, which has enabled it to be tremendously successful in its years of operation.

The mission of CHILDREN AT RISK’s Public Policy and Law Center is to improve the lives of children across Texas through:

  • Legal and policy research and advocacy
  • Legislative and administrative rule drafting
  • Drafting of amicus briefs and impact litigation
  • Continuing education for attorneys and other professionals on children’s legal and policy issue


Our last summit of the year will dive into the issues of STEM education, focusing on building a robust and qualified pipeline of professionals. A learning opportunity for educators and community leaders, this event will highlight the work of STEM industry leaders, educators, and nonprofit innovators working to improve access to STEM education for all students. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of what they can do to support the next generation of STEM professionals.

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CHILDREN AT RISK Hosts The State of Latine Children Summit

The 2023 State of Latine Children Summit hosted on October 12th, 2023. Welcome remarks were provided by the emcee of the event, Dalinda Gonzalez- Alcantar, President of the Boys & Girls Club in McAllen.   “Much of the Latin Population is concentrated in metropolitan areas, which is possibly attributable to the availability of resources and community and urban hubs, but it also really points...

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2023 Education Summit hosted by CHILDREN AT RISK

The 2023 Education Summit was introduced by Dr. Bob Sanborn, the President & CEO at CHILDREN AT RISK and Dr. Frazier Wilson, VP at Shell USA Company Foundation & Manager of Social Investment with Welcome & Opening Remarks which included a background on Texas schools using key demographic data.   The first panel focused on Inclusive Education: Bridging Gaps and Promoting Equity for...

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Fall 2023 Texas Tour Recap

Kaitlyn Newell, Associate Director of Early Education, speaks to a group of child care providers, policymakers, and business leaders in Midland, TX. Source: CHILDREN AT RISK(TX – November 16, 2023) – Each Fall the CHILDREN AT RISK Early Childhood Team sets out on our statewide Texas Tour. This year we traveled hundreds of miles to visit the palm trees of Brownsville and McAllen, the prairie...

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How did Children Fare in the 88th Texas Legislative Session?

Over the 140 days of the 2023 Regular Texas Legislative Session, approximately 11,800 bills were filed, and 4,550 passed. CHILDREN AT RISK showed up strong, registering support for bills 79 times, and providing expert testimony on legislation 29 times. In addition to testimony, CHILDREN AT RISK organized four Advocacy Rallies to promote legislation on early childhood education, human...

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C@R Texas House Select Committee on Educational Opportunity and Enrichment 7.11.23

Chairman Buckley, Vice Chair Gervin-Hawkins, and Members of the Select Committee: My name is Kim Kofron, Senior Director of Education. We are grateful to the Texas House of Representatives and Speaker Dade Phelan for the creation of this Select Committee and for your ongoing efforts to ensure all Texas children enjoy equal educational opportunity and the freedom to obtain a quality education,...

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The Power of Immigrants that Texas Does Not Seem to Want to Understand

By Linda Corchado & Bob Sanborn     The data is clear. A third of Texas’ nearly 8 million children are immigrants or the children of immigrants. In our cities, like Houston, the number is about half of our children. If children are our future then our path forward as a state involves immigrants. Yet a majority of Texas still seems to regard immigration as our number one problem.     The...

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CHILDREN AT RISK Hosts The Future of Children Summit

The 2023 Future of Children Summit was introduced by Dr Robert Sanborn, President & CEO at CHILDREN AT RISK with Welcome Remarks    The summit was broken down into seven sections that lasted 11 minutes followed by a brief Q&A led by Dr Bob and the speaker. Each section covered a different topic on schools, play, equity, youth activism, immigration, nature- based learning, and child care...

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CHILDREN AT RISK and Texas Family Leadership Council Host Second Annual Motherhood Summit

Last month, the Texas Family Leadership Council and CHILDREN AT RISK hosted the second annual Motherhood Summit. The summit explored some of the most pressing issues facing Texas mothers and how these issues affect not just themselves, but their children and families as well.  Dr. Elizabeth Gregory, Taylor Professor and Director of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender and Sexuality at...

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Growing Up In Houston: Assessing the Quality of Life of Our Children

Data must be the catalyst for any conversation regarding the well-being of our children. However, data alone is not sufficient. We must also overlay context to better understand the complexities of the many issues facing our children. Growing Up in Houston aims to do just that.

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