Texas Family Leadership Council

Coming Together for Texas Children

The Texas Family Leadership Council is made up of child and family-focused organizations, community leaders, and influencers from across the state. TXFLC members come together to share information and resources to improve the quality of life for Texas children. TXFLC working groups tackle the most pressing issues facing families in our state by evaluating policy solutions and developing a united advocacy agenda. 

Interested in Joining?

Contact Lindsey Wilkerson at  lwilkerson@childrenatrisk.org to learn more. 

Knowing that Texas nonprofits would need access to information and coordinated support to serve children and families effectively during the COVID-19 crisis, CHILDREN AT RISK launched the Texas Family Leadership Council (TXFLC) early into the pandemic. Utilizing our trusted relationships with community partners and experience coordinating collective action in previous times of crisis, C@R brought together powerful and diverse voices of child-serving organizations from across Texas for cross-sector collaboration, information sharing, and to develop a united advocacy front.

Since its inception, the Council has grown to include 100+ participants. TXFLC membership consists of child and family-focused organizations, community leaders, and influencers from across the state. TXFLC weekly meetings have hosted state leaders, including legislators and TEA Commissioner Mike Morath, and established working groups on racial equity, immigrant health, COVID-19 research, and more. TXFLC members have supported more than a dozen virtual events, webinars, and press conferences.

TXFLC members are committed to ensuring the collective efforts to support Texas families are effective and build the momentum necessary to help our most vulnerable children. 

THE Latest from TXFLC


Our last summit of the year will dive into the issues of STEM education, focusing on building a robust and qualified pipeline of professionals. A learning opportunity for educators and community leaders, this event will highlight the work of STEM industry leaders, educators, and nonprofit innovators working to improve access to STEM education for all students. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of what they can do to support the next generation of STEM professionals.

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CHILDREN AT RISK Hosts The State of Latine Children Summit

The 2023 State of Latine Children Summit hosted on October 12th, 2023. Welcome remarks were provided by the emcee of the event, Dalinda Gonzalez- Alcantar, President of the Boys & Girls Club in McAllen.   “Much of the Latin Population is concentrated in metropolitan areas, which is possibly attributable to the availability of resources and community and urban hubs, but it also really points...

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2023 Education Summit hosted by CHILDREN AT RISK

The 2023 Education Summit was introduced by Dr. Bob Sanborn, the President & CEO at CHILDREN AT RISK and Dr. Frazier Wilson, VP at Shell USA Company Foundation & Manager of Social Investment with Welcome & Opening Remarks which included a background on Texas schools using key demographic data.   The first panel focused on Inclusive Education: Bridging Gaps and Promoting Equity for...

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CHILDREN AT RISK Hosts The Future of Children Summit

The 2023 Future of Children Summit was introduced by Dr Robert Sanborn, President & CEO at CHILDREN AT RISK with Welcome Remarks    The summit was broken down into seven sections that lasted 11 minutes followed by a brief Q&A led by Dr Bob and the speaker. Each section covered a different topic on schools, play, equity, youth activism, immigration, nature- based learning, and child care...

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CHILDREN AT RISK and Texas Family Leadership Council Host Second Annual Motherhood Summit

Last month, the Texas Family Leadership Council and CHILDREN AT RISK hosted the second annual Motherhood Summit. The summit explored some of the most pressing issues facing Texas mothers and how these issues affect not just themselves, but their children and families as well.  Dr. Elizabeth Gregory, Taylor Professor and Director of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender and Sexuality at...

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CHILDREN AT RISK and Texas Family Leadership Council Host Third Annual State of Black Children in Texas

On Thursday, February 16, the Texas Family Leadership Council and CHILDREN AT RISK hosted the third annual State of Black Children in Texas summit. The summit explored the challenges Black children face growing up in Texas and how to best support them at all stages of development.    Sharon Watkins Jones and Amanda McMillian, President and CEO of the United Way of Greater Houston got the...

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CHILDREN AT RISK Releases 2022 Annual Report

2022 was a year of huge growth for CHILDREN AT RISK, both in our work and as an agency! In addition to our main office in Houston, we are proud to report C@R now has multiple staff members based in North Texas, Central Texas, and El Paso. Having this statewide representation allows us to better respond to local issues while continuing to strengthen our cross-state collaborations to reduce the...

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C@R and Partners Present Third National Immigration Summit

This year, national advocates explored child-forward immigration policies, access to basic needs and mental health resources, education equity, and how to shift the narrative surrounding immigrants and immigration.On June 23, 2022, CHILDREN AT RISK  hosted their third annual National Immigration Summit to explore the challenges that immigrant children and their families face. Again convening...

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Experts Gathered to Discuss the Importance of Texas Mothers During May 5 Summit

Researchers and advocates gather to discuss federal and state policy implications maternal health outcomes, family planning, and economic justice at first-ever Texas Motherhood Summit.On May 5, Children at Risk and Texas Family Leadership Council (TXFLC) presented their first ever Texas Motherhood Summit to celebrate motherhood and unpack public policies lifting them up or bringing them...

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TEXAS RACIAL EQUITY COLLABORATIVE (TREC): TREC is a consortium of individuals representing various organizations working together to combat racial disparities in all sectors of Texas life.

TEXAS IMMIGRATION NETWORK (TIN): TIN brings together pediatricians, attorneys, educators, among others to work together to address the needs of immigrant children.

PUBLIC POLICY AND ADVOCACY WORKGROUP (PPAC): PPAC engages on common legislative items that will improve the status of children. PPAC also helps provide advocacy tools and support to organizations without policy or governmental affairs positions.

HEALTH ADVISORY WORKGROUP: The Health Advisory Council is a coalition of members who are passionate about the health and wellness of Texas children. This group brings together health care professionals and public advocates to identify whole-child policy solutions.

TEXAS ANTI-POVERTY AGENDA (TAPA): According to the most recent pre-pandemic data, Texas ranks 40th in the country with a child poverty rate of 19%. TAPA members agree that child poverty is the root cause of numerous societal issues for our state. Their efforts focus on evidence-based policies to significantly reduce child poverty so children have a meaningful opportunity to thrive.