Texas Family Leadership Council

Coming Together for Texas Children

The Texas Family Leadership Council is made up of child and family-focused organizations, community leaders, and influencers from across the state. TXFLC members come together to share information and resources to improve the quality of life for Texas children. TXFLC working groups tackle the most pressing issues facing families in our state by evaluating policy solutions and developing a united advocacy agenda. 

Interested in Joining?

Contact Lindsey Wilkerson at  lwilkerson@childrenatrisk.org to learn more. 

Knowing that Texas nonprofits would need access to information and coordinated support to serve children and families effectively during the COVID-19 crisis, CHILDREN AT RISK launched the Texas Family Leadership Council (TXFLC) early into the pandemic. Utilizing our trusted relationships with community partners and experience coordinating collective action in previous times of crisis, C@R brought together powerful and diverse voices of child-serving organizations from across Texas for cross-sector collaboration, information sharing, and to develop a united advocacy front.

Since its inception, the Council has grown to include 100+ participants. TXFLC membership consists of child and family-focused organizations, community leaders, and influencers from across the state. TXFLC weekly meetings have hosted state leaders, including legislators and TEA Commissioner Mike Morath, and established working groups on racial equity, immigrant health, COVID-19 research, and more. TXFLC members have supported more than a dozen virtual events, webinars, and press conferences.

TXFLC members are committed to ensuring the collective efforts to support Texas families are effective and build the momentum necessary to help our most vulnerable children. 

THE Latest from TXFLC

H-E-B Helping Here, Supports Texas Family Leadership Council

H-E-B  Supports Texas Family Leadership Council Media Contact: Rashena Flagg, 713.301.4577 Beloved Texas grocery-store chain H-E-B has generously provided Children at Risk with $15,000.00 to support the growth of the nonprofit’s statewide collaborative Texas Family Leadership Council (TXFLC). Spurred by the pandemic, CHILDREN AT RISK launched TXFLC in April 2020 to respond to the statewide need...

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TREC Hosts Racial Equity Roundtable on Going Back to School under COVID-19

On Wednesday, September 29, CHILDREN AT RISK and the Texas Racial Equity Collaborative launched the first in a series of monthly roundtables centered on racial equity first These monthly Racial Equity Rapid Roundtables will gather community leaders, child advocates, and issue experts to unpack the inequities experienced by Texas children and their families. Each month, topics will cover current...

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TXFLC Hosts Roundtable on Unaccompanied Children at the Border

In response to recent and upcoming delegation visits to migrant centers, the Texas Immigration Network, a Texas Family Leadership Council (TXFLC) workgroup, hosted a virtual roundtable to unpack the current issue of unaccompanied children at the Texas border. Speaking from their on-the-ground experiences working with migrant children, child advocates spoke on the condition of facilities, the...

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2020 Annual Report

What a year! Even with COVID-19, our team’s hard work and zeal for changing the landscape for children in Texas has brought so many accomplishments for CHILDREN AT RISK and for the children and families we serve. Thank you, not just to our staff but to the many collaborators, board members, community partners, donors, public officials, researchers, and fellow advocates that supported our...

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Learning from Experience: Advice for PK-12 Schools from Summer 2020

COVID-19 has placed unprecedented strain on our education system with early closures and emergency shifts online leading to learning losses and inequities. We know how important it is for children to return to school in-person this fall, but will it be safe? Drawing on their experiences operating summer programs, child care centers, and other family services throughout the Coronavirus pandemic,...

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TXFLC Statement on COVID-19 & Systemic Racism

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Media Contact - Rashena Flagg, 713.301.4577  STATEMENT FROM THE TEXAS FAMILY LEADERSHIP COUNCIL ON COVID-19 AND SYSTEMIC RACISM The senseless killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and too many others, have garnered immense public out-cry, and brought new attention to the historic injustices and systemic racism that permeate our public systems and...

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TEXAS RACIAL EQUITY COLLABORATIVE (TREC): TREC is a consortium of individuals representing various organizations working together to combat racial disparities in all sectors of Texas life.

TEXAS IMMIGRATION NETWORK (TIN): TIN brings together pediatricians, attorneys, educators, among others to work together to address the needs of New American Children.

PUBLIC POLICY AND ADVOCACY WORKGROUP (PPAC): PPAC engages on common legislative items that will improve the status of children. PPAC also helps provide advocacy tools and support to organizations without policy or governmental affairs positions.

HEALTH ADVISORY WORKGROUP: The Health Advisory Council is a coalition of members who are passionate about the health and wellness of Texas children. This group brings together health care professionals and public advocates to identify whole-child policy solutions.

TEXAS RURAL ADVOCATES COLLABORATIVE (TRAC): TRAC works to address the specific needs of Texas’ rural children and families. These needs in many cases are compounded by the lack of access to resources that comes from living in a rural area.

TEXAS ANTI-POVERTY AGENDA (TAPA): TAPA members agree that child poverty is the root cause of numerous societal issues for our state. Their efforts focus on policies that evidence shows will have a significant impact on lowering child poverty