Stay tuned each day until September 18 for updates to our 25 Reasons to Give to CHILDREN AT RISK on North Texas Giving Day.

  1. 25 years ago, C@R was founded when a group of child advocates met to discuss the lack of data and the absence of strong public policy for Houston’s children. Stay tuned for #25ReasonsToGive $25 or more to C@R on September 18 on #NTXGivingDay. Your donations will be multiplied from a pool of $1.5 MM of bonus funds and prizes!
  2. Parent education benefits include positive parent-child interaction, child developmental skills and knowledge, stronger parental relationships, and increased confidence. To support our Center for Parenting and Family Well-Being, which is hosting its first Family Strengthening Coalition meeting today, give $25 or more on September 18!
  3. Last month, C@R partnered with AB Christian Learning Center and Early Childhood Matters to educate more than 40 parents in Ft. Worth on the Texas School Guide. We can’t wait to provide parents with the second edition in the Fall! Support C@R’s work to help families navigate the public school system by giving $25 or more on North Texas Giving Day, September 18!
  4. In the 83rd Legislative Session, C@R led the way for Texas children by drafting language for 11 bills and testifying at 46 hearings. This resulted in the passage of 34 bills, positively impacting children’s needs in health, food insecurity, human trafficking, and education. Leverage your support of our critical legislative efforts in 2014 and beyond by giving $25 or more on September 18, North Texas Giving Day!
  5. C@R values collaboration, believing we achieve more together than we do as individuals. Please join our outstanding team on September 18 in giving $25 or more on #NTXGivingDay.
  6. Our top priority is ensuring a better future for our children. Help our organization continue to lead the way in advocacy focusing on the whole child by giving $25 or more on September 18.
  7. Since C@R was founded in Houston 25 years ago, we have grown to become a statewide organization impacting all children in Texas. The children of Texas need you to be there on September 18th for North Texas Giving Day!
  8. Thanks to the AmeriCorps VISTA program, which focuses on eliminating poverty across the United States, our team’s capacity for growth in numerous efforts has increased! Take a minute to watch this video, produced by our AmeriCorps VISTA Outreach Coordinator, Ashley Lai, which demonstrates how poverty affects our children and their basic needs. And please give $25 or more on September 18 to support our team’s hard work on North Texas Giving Day.
  9. On September 25, 2014, C@R will publish a report for that will outline the current state of pre-kindergarten in Texas and include recommendations on the best practices for maximizing existing resources and expanding support for pre-kindergarten in the state of Texas. To support our work with communities, school districts, and policy makers, give $25 or more on September 18, North Texas Giving Day!
  10. Did you know that the I-10 Corridor is the #1 Human Trafficking route in the U.S? C@R’s Human Trafficking Database was developed to enable the sharing of information between social advocates and stakeholders in Texas. To support the anti-human trafficking movement, give $25 or more on September 18 via our North Texas Giving Day Profile Page.
  11. In order to provide parents with a one-stop-shop resource on education related questions, plus provide action guides to empower parents to ensure their child receives the best education possible, C@R releases the Texas School Guide: A Parent’s Roadmap to Success in Public SchoolsTo support the release of this year’s publication, give $25 or more on September 18, North Texas Giving Day.
  12. C@R has published numerous resources on the topics of education, human trafficking, food insecurity, mental health & juvenile justice, Latino children, regional topics, and legislative sessions. On September 18, North Texas Giving Day, give $25 or more to help C@R continue to produce quality research and data to improve the lives of Texas’ children through evidence-based change.
  13. C@R values optimism, inspiring a culture of possibility. Donate today to help CHILDREN AT RISK speak out and drive change for children by giving $25 or more on September 18.
  14. 20% of households in Dallas County and 17$ of households in Tarrant County struggle with food insecurity. Last year, C@R advocated for the successful SB376, ensuring that over one million children who were eligible for, but not receiving, a free or reduced school breakfast are now starting their day fed and ready to learn! To support our efforts to increase access to school meal programs, give $25 or more on North Texas Giving Day.
  15. C@R values integrity! Support an organization committed to accountability and transparency by giving $25 or more on September 18.
  16. C@R has been speaking out and driving change for Texas’ most defenseless youth for 25 years! On North Texas Giving Day this September 18, support our efforts to create long-term, sustainable solutions, and your donations will be multiplied from a pool of $1.5 MM of bonus funds and prizes.
  17. Do you know your neighborhood schools’ rankings? Check out the 2014 School Rankings and see how you stack up against other Texas schools. Visit our North Texas Giving Day profile on September 18 to support this critical research.
  18. Healthy, educated children make stable adults, and contribute to a better society. Do your part to support healthy children on September 18.
  19. So far in 2014, C@R has hosted 14 key events in North Texas, including Dear DFW: The Fifth Annual Children’s Summit on June 26, at which 90 attendees discussed the many barriers to success that our children and their families are facing. If you would like to support more educational events and discussions of and responses to the many issues facing our children, give $25 or more on September 18.
  20. Since April 2014, CHILDREN AT RISK has met with 75 organizations across North Texas to address the need for evidence-based parenting classes. On September 18, support our Center for Parenting and Family Well-Being’s expansion efforts in 2014 and beyond by giving $25 or more.
  21. C@R ensures our efforts are deliberate, measureable and focus on achieving substantial impact. Support for meaningful change for children on September 18 by giving $25 or more this North Texas Giving Day!
  22. All of C@R’s staff members are motivated by the work that we do. Share our passion on September 18 by giving $25 or more this September 18.
  23.  In 2008, CHILDREN AT RISK expanded its efforts to the North Texas region and cut the ribbon to open an office in Dallas in 2011. Help us increase our statewide presence on September 18, #NTXGivingDay. Your donations will be multiplied from a pool of $1.5 MM of bonus funds and prizes!