The Shared Services Alliances

Shared Services Alliances are a means to providing Child Care Providers with the support they need to make progress in improving the learning experience of children, strengthening the skills of and support available to teachers and maintaining sustainable business practices. As we seek to increase the access families have to quality early learning centers, we aim to support those supporting providers. Through this platform we hope to extend the opportunity to invite you into a Community of Practice where you can learn about the successes of Shared Services work throughout the nation, connect to other alliances supporting providers in Texas and gain access to resources to help in the planning and implementation of your shared services work. A Shared Services approach focuses on sharing skilled staff and resources to provide business and pedagogical leadership among a network of center- and/or home-based providers. This preliminary brief explores various models of Shared Services and special considerations for the state of Texas.

Shared Services Spotlight

We recently interviewed Early Learning Ventures where we learned about some of the changes they’ve made over the years to meet child care providers needs and develop a tiered-level of service offerings. 

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