What a year! Even with COVID-19, our team’s hard work and zeal for changing the landscape for children in Texas has brought so many accomplishments for CHILDREN AT RISK and for the children and families we serve. Thank you, not just to our staff but to the many collaborators, board members, community partners, donors, public officials, researchers, and fellow advocates that supported our critical efforts this year.

Collaboration has always been at the center of our success. Bridging the gaps between issue areas and connecting child-serving organizations to best support the whole child is one of our organization’s greatest strengths. Early on in the pandemic, these trusted relationships with nonprofit organizations across the state enabled us to respond quickly to the needs of children and their families. Drawing on our experience after Hurricane Harvey, CHILDREN AT RISK rapidly re-ignited our Houston-focused Children’s Resiliency Collaborative and later launched the Texas Family Leadership Council to scale our impact statewide.

These collaborations made Texas nonprofits better equipped to share information, compile resources, connect with public officials and policymakers, and amplify their voices together to speak out on children’s needs during this historic time. 

We will continue to fight for families in 2021. Yes, there is lots of work ahead … but yes, there is also a lot of positive change possible for Texas families. It is my privilege to work alongside the team at CHILDREN AT RISK. Thank you for all you have done and for all you do.


Dr. Bob Sanborn,