This map shows the locations of every suspected illegal massage business and public school in Texas. Many illegal massage businesses are fronts for human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Read more here.

To find a particular area or school, click on the magnifying glass in top left corner and type in the name of county, city, or zip code of the address you want to find. Then zoom into the selected area. You can also click on the suspected IMB or school to find out more information, including how far a given school is from the nearest suspected IMB.

To identify suspected illegal massage businesses, CHILDREN AT RISK scraped data from, a popular online website for massage establishments where users can post sexually explicit reviews and search for sex in their local area. Drawing on this data, CHILDREN AT RISK found 689 massage businesses in Texas that were listed as open on, not labeled as “non-erotic” by users, and had at least one review. CHILDREN AT RISK used geospatial software to map the location of every suspected illegal massage business and estimate the distance from every public school.

[Map updated 4/5/2018]