Dr. Jodi Moon

Director, Center for Social Measurement & Evaluation


About Dr. Jodi Moon

Jodi Saxton Moon, PhD, comes to CHILDREN AT RISK from a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at Rice University, where she worked with the Houston Education Research Consortium, a research-practice partnership with the Houston Independent School District. She is a former middle school math teacher and recently earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Indiana University. Jodi’s research has focused on large-scale reforms in education, access to educational opportunities, and transparency in governance, with a strong emphasis on delivering research in a way that will be used to impact children’s life experiences.

Originally from New Jersey, Jodi attended the University of Virginia as an undergraduate, worked on the Hill after college, then raised four children in Bloomington, Indiana, before moving to Houston in 2017. She is now the proud parent/step-parent of six adult children and one sweet grandson, not to mention two active boxers and one not-so-active Havanese. She and her partner are avid cyclists and sunset watchers.

Jodi believes firmly in the potential of all kids and is excited to be part of a team that is working to inform and help influence public policies related to the societal issues that impact that potential.