Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled against terminating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and in doing so temporarily protected hundreds of thousands of children from being either torn away from their families or forced to leave. DACA recipients and their children, the Court noted, relied upon and trusted the United States. Thankfully, their trust was not proven false. CHILDREN AT RISK applauds this decision as being both humane and the embodiment of our nation’s founding principles; now we call upon our national leaders to find a permanent and equitable resolution that places children’s best interests first.

DACA protects more than 700,000 national recipients; over 107,000 are Texans. They are co-workers, parents, students, neighbors, proud Texans, and friends here to build better lives and brighter futures. Over 29,000 DACA recipients are front-line workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. They labor in the healthcare, education, and food industries to ensure that all Texans receive care and crucial supplies in this time of crisis. We are thankful that their sacrifice has not been discarded.

Maintaining the DACA program is not just a benefit for our Dreamers, the direct DACA recipients. 1.4 million U.S. citizens in Texas live with at least one family member who is undocumented. Many parents, siblings, and other relations rely on DACA protections to stay with their families. Without DACA, the family units that help our children grow, learn, and thrive are at risk. No child should have to live in fear. Whether it is fear of someday being ripped away from the only home they have ever known or fear they could be permanently separated from a loved one at any minute.

CHILDREN AT RISK remains committed to protecting all children. Our Center for New American Children advocates for policies that protect our children from immigrant communities documented or otherwise. We believe all children are deserving of equal protection under the law.

These children represent the future of our workforce and our citizenry. We cannot have a strong state by compromising the fundamental pillar of our children’s future success—their families. CHILDREN AT RISK is grateful for the Supreme Court’s acumen and foresight and we encourage our national leaders to use this opportunity to find a permanent, equitable, and just resolution for these families.

For Children!

Dr. Bob Sanborn
President & CEO

Yael Ross
Director, Center for New American Children

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