This blog post is Part 1 of 3 in a series leading up to North Texas Giving Day. Stay tuned for more blog posts leading up to September 18 to highlight CHILDREN AT RISK’s story as an organization speaking out and driving change for children for 25 years. You can also read our 25 Reasons to Give blog post, which will be updated each day with a new reason to give to CHILDREN AT RISK on North Texas Giving Day.

Throughout our history, CHILDREN AT RISK has demonstrated a clear grasp of the issues affecting our children. We craft policies that encourage long-term success for our state’s most vulnerable population in the areas of public education, parent education, human trafficking, and health and nutrition. Since 1989, we have seen millions of dollars restored to the state education budget as a result of our research efforts. We also crafted legislation that resulted in millions of children now receiving free breakfast, enabling them to start their school day ready to learn.  Due to the creation of our Center for Parenting and Family Well Being in Houston and North Texas, we have educated 3,143 parents in evidence-based parenting skills impacting 7,729 children. We recently established the National Anti-Trafficking Coalition dedicated to bringing national stakeholders together around human trafficking prevention. Even outside of these larger milestones and successes, CHILDREN AT RISK consistently works towards our ultimate goal of ensuring all Texas children flourish. We frequently provide testimony to legislators and stakeholders presenting evidence-based policies that support our children’s success.

Although we have experienced countless victories in our short history, there is still more work to be done. In order to meet the needs of the continually growing number of children in Texas, CHILDREN AT RISK is expanding its efforts. In 2011, CHILDREN AT RISK opened an office in the North Texas area to better serve the state-wide community. We have strategic plans in place to expand our capacity even more in the near future.

We will not stop until all Texas children have the resources necessary for success. CHILDREN AT RISK sincerely thanks you for your dedication to children and for providing the resources to drive positive change for children the last 25 years. Be sure to stay tuned for more blog posts leading up to September 18, and check out our daily updates of 25 Reasons to Give to CHILDREN AT RISK on North Texas Giving Day.