*Originally posted 4/29/2016
Texas campaign for children

Thanks to our supporters, the last few years have brought some significant victories for children. For example, Senate Bill 376 was successfully passed after two years of research and advocacy by CHILDREN AT RISK. This bill provided School Breakfast to over 1,000,000 hungry children in Texas who previously qualified for, but did not receive, federally funded breakfast.

donate today• Investment required: $426,000 to fund research and pass legislation.
• Results achieved: $523,000,000 or 315 million meals to help 1.7 million Texas children.
• That means for every $1 spent, CHILDREN AT RISK delivered $822 to Texas children – a return on investment of over 82,000%!

We plan to do even more in the upcoming months. During the 85th Legislative Session we will be taking on an entire “agenda for children” focused on improving the state of early education, ending food insecurity and improving services for human trafficking victims.

On behalf of the children of Texas, we thankour previous donors and encourage you to make a donation – we need your help now! Donate today and help us make your goals for children a reality.

Your financial support of CHILDREN AT RISK is an investment in the future of our state, and the return on this contribution is priceless. Help support the “Texas Campaign for Children.”