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Amazon has generously provided Children at Risk with $25,000 to support the statewide collaborative Texas Family Leadership Council (TXFLC). The TXFLC was created out of the statewide need for accessible information, coordinated support, and collective policy action. Made up of child and family-focused organizations, education professionals, healthcare providers, community advocates, and influencers from across the state, the TXFLC brings these stakeholders to the table to identify the most pressing needs for Texas children and their families, develop a collective call to action, and present a joint advocacy front. 

Based on the belief that no family should go without basic needs such as food and housing, Amazon is working to help families in need. Amazon is participating in the Online Purchasing Pilot program run by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to purchase groceries online. Currently, customers with a valid SNAP EBT card in 46 states can use their SNAP funds on Amazon. Amazon is working alongside the USDA to expand coverage nationwide.  

“We appreciate Amazon’s investment in Texas children and helping to make it a great place to raise a family,” said CHILDREN AT RISK Director of Texas Family Leadership Council, Melissa Atkins Wardy, “meaningful change and solutions come from the work of community partners and experts who attend our events and meetings using this information to grow and better their families and local communities.” 

With Amazon’s generous support, Texas Family Leadership Council will:  

  • Develop collective calls to action that bring attention to the needs of Texas’ most vulnerable children and families. 
  • Continue to build intersectional partnerships that empower local communities. 
  • Coordinate a child and family-focused legislative agenda that ensures public policy that moves the needle for Texas families. 
  • Strengthen the collaborative power of TXFLC workgroups . Existing workgroups include the Texas Rural Advocates Coalition (TRAC), Texas Racial Equity Collaborative (TREC), Texas Immigration Network (TIN), Health Advocates Coalition (HAC), Texas Anti-Poverty Agenda (TAPA), and Public Policy and Advocacy Workgroup (PPAW). 

To learn more about the Texas Family Leadership Council, visit our webpage below.

To learn more about Amazon and SNAP benefits, visit


CHILDREN AT RISK is a research and advocacy nonprofit leading the way in improving the quality of life for Texas’ children. CHILDREN AT RISK considers the whole child by tracking issues in children’s health, safety, education, and economic security. Committed to action beyond the data, CHILDREN AT RISK drives evidence-based change by speaking out on behalf of children.