In partnership with the United Way of Greater Houston, JPMorgan Chase & Co., CHILDREN AT RISK is excited to share the 2021-2022 edition of Growing Up in Houston: Assessing the Quality of Life of Our Children. The goal of the GUIH project is three-fold: to provide stakeholders in our children’s future with a tool to help identify the most strategic and pressing areas for intervention; to chart new paths to move Houston forward, and to track progress over time.

Much has changed since our last edition, in no small part due to the impact that COVID-19 has had on everything from schooling to family life. This report continues C@R’s tradition of highlighting the ways that Houston’s children excel, despite their lacking quality resources in key areas and facing challenges like hurricanes, flooding, and, most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic brings to the forefront issues that must be addressed, including the digital
divide and persistent racial disparities.

Valuing a whole-child perspective, this latest edition covers the following critical topics:

  • The Early Childhood Experience
  • Opportunity Youth and Young Adults
  • K-12 Education
  • Youth Vulnerability and Safety
  • Parenting Health and Nutrition
  • New American Children

At CHILDREN AT RISK, we believe the needs of children should be our society’s highest priority. Our hope is that through accessible information and data, those who care, from public officials to educators to parents, will find the data and tools they need to fight for our children. We encourage you to use this report in your advocacy efforts. The work must continue, now more than ever.


Dr. Bob Sanborn,