We know many community organizations are working hard to improve the quality of life for children in Texas and that now, more than ever, data is important to their efforts. To increase access to our research, the Center for Social Measurement and Evaluation (CSME) at CHILDREN AT RISK has launched a monthly data newsletter that provides analysis about the status of children in Texas and how we can make a difference.

Access our first four data-focused newsletters here:

  • MAY 2017: Click here for the CSME May Newsletter. Learn about the gold ribbon schools in Texas (high-performing, high-poverty).
  • JUNE 2017: Click here for the CSME June Newsletter. Learn about our statewide school rankings.
  • JULY 2017: Click here for the CSME July Newsletter. Learn about the state of child care in Texas.
  • AUGUST 2017: Click here for the CSME August Newsletter. Learn about the demographic breakdown of Texas school children.

To sign-up for the monthly CSME data newsletters, please click here (it takes 1 minute).