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Research & data without action are not enough. CHILDREN AT RISK leverages its expertise to educate policymakers and advocate for policies that improve the lives of children.

Public Policy and Law Center (PPLC)

The Public Policy and Law Center (PPLC) was established in 2006 as an outgrowth of CHILDREN AT RISK’s longtime research and advocacy work and in response to the American Bar Association’s appeal to the private bar, “[to] get involved and use its legal expertise on behalf of Houston’s children (American Bar Association Children’s Rights Litigation Committee, 2004).”

PPLC is led by a Law Advisory Board of over 35 attorneys from the legal and business communities and staffed with a dedicated and creative group of attorneys and public policy analysts, which has enabled it to be tremendously successful in its years of operation.

The mission of CHILDREN AT RISK’s Public Policy and Law Center is to improve the lives of children across Texas through:

  • Legal and policy research and advocacy
  • Legislative and administrative rule drafting
  • Drafting of amicus briefs and impact litigation
  • Continuing education for attorneys and other professionals on children’s legal and policy issue

86th Texas Legislative Session


During the 86th Texas Legislative Session CHILDREN AT RISK will support policies that:

1. Build Strong Families and Spend Public Dollars More Efficiently

2. Increase Access to Quality Early Education to Ensure All Children Are Ready for Kindergarten

3. Invest in Programs and Strategies that Improve Children’s Physical, Mental and Social Development

4. Prevent Human Trafficking and Protect Survivors

CHILDREN AT RISK will also prioritize legislation that impacts low-income families in Texas and Hurricane Harvey recovery.

End of Session








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