C@R and Collaborators Share How to Talk to Your Children About the Dangers of the Internet


Thank you to Univision and Idioma Mujer for your collaboration on this project!

The quality of life of Texas children is of the utmost importance to CHILDREN AT RISK. We know that Latino children and their families may face unique circumstances that require tailored solutions. Addressing some of these challenges starts first with the engagement of parents and caregivers in the lives of their children. As a way to increase Latino parent and family engagement as well as provide parents and caregivers with important information on several issues facing Texas children, CHILDREN AT RISK collaborated to create videos to share with parents and caregivers. These videos are intended to help educate parents and caregivers on challenging topics and strategies for how to address these challenges with their children. These videos cover a range of topics from the COVID-19 vaccine, mental health, DACA, and safety on social media. Please check out the links below to view these resources.

Learn from Idioma Mujer

Access to quality early childhood education can offset the negative impact of adverse childhood experiences that too many children go through. Watch this video to learn more from Idioma Mujer about the Importance of PreK and early learning.

Keeping our kids healthy, happy, and growing is our utmost priority, and we know that infection from preventable childhood illnesses can seriously impact that. Check out this video from Idioma Mujer discussing The Importance of Vaccinations for Kids.

Learn from Univision

Approaching your child about the internet

Building trust to keep them safe from bullying.

Trust and Supervision

How to Prevent Minors from Being Victimized on Social Media in Houston


Why are a child’s first three years so important? 

Learn more about setting the foundation for future learning.

Getting Engaged

Learn about the importance of being involved in your child’s education from the beginning.

Speaking to your child about the dangers of the internet?

Learn from C@R’s experts.

More videos coming soon!