2022 was a year of huge growth for CHILDREN AT RISK, both in our work and as an agency!

In addition to our main office in Houston, we are proud to report C@R now has multiple staff members based in North Texas, Central Texas, and El Paso. Having this statewide representation allows us to better respond to local issues while continuing to strengthen our cross-state collaborations to reduce the challenges children face as they grow up.

We were thrilled to merge with Houston A+ Challenge, forging a partnership that will enable us to expand and advance our work to improve K-12 public education. C@R also received a sizable investment to delve deeper into our Early Childhood Education work over the next three years. This intensified focus on education is a critical part of our new 3-year Strategic Plan launching in the next couple of months.

Our Texas Family Leadership Council (TXFLC) now boasts 100+ members! All members are committed to ensuring that the collective efforts to support Texas families are effective and build the momentum necessary to help our most vulnerable children.

Finally, C@R’s wide-reaching work would simply not be possible without the dedication of our donors, board members, collaborators, public officials, researchers, community members, and fellow advocates. Thank you for your commitment to improving the lives of children across Texas!

As we look ahead to 2023 and our Legislative Priorities, we are hopeful about the positive changes to come for Texas children. We hope you will support us by joining our mailing list, signing up for advocacy alerts, attending one of our upcoming events, or helping us with a meaningful gift today!


Dr. Bob Sanborn,