Texas House Bill 1540 went into effect this September. The bill is a key component of the ‘Texas Model’ to combat commercial sex – and its associated harms including the fueling of sex trafficking – through strengthening buyer accountability. The bill makes solicitation of sex to a state felony on the first attempt, and law enforcement agencies across the state have already conducted major stings and operations to implement these increased penalties.  This has resulted in 730 buyer felony arrests in the first four months of the law, according to the Texas Attorney General’s Office. 

 Law enforcement agencies across the state have already begun to conduct major stings and operations to implement 1540’s increased penalties and focus on arresting sex-buyers over potential human trafficking victims. The implementation of this bill can help ensure that our justice system holds buyers accountable for their role in perpetuating the sex trafficking market. 

To explore the latest evidence, statistics, and front-line perspectives on buyer accountability as a means to end demand for human trafficking, CHILDREN AT RISK  presents Accountability for “Buyers in the Commercial Sex Market.Click the button below to read the full brief. 

To add to the buyer accountability discussion, CHILDREN AT RISK hosted a live roundtable with law enforcement and anti-trafficking experts on January 25th. Roundtable participants included: 

    • Jarret Guajardo, the Director of CHILDREN AT RISK’s Center to End Human Trafficking & Exploitation of Children.
    • Dennis Mark, Task Force Coordinator, Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance
    • Lisa Bownds, Founder & President, Reflection Ministries of Texas
    • John Nehme, President & CEO, Allies Against Slavery
    • Commander Kevin Turner, Tarrant County Human Trafficking Task Force Coordinator, Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office

Watch a recording of the discussion below or on Facebook HERE

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